Labels & Ribbons :

Labels & Tags

We have a large selection of Customized Thermal Transfer paper and synthetic labels and tags to meet the needs of virtually any application.
Paper /General Label        Polyster        Security

Quick Facts :
* Both paper and synthetic materials available
* Custom pre-printed.


Genuine Zebra ribbons are available in wax, wax-resin and resin formulations to meet the durability requirements of your application.

Quick Facts :
* Wax ribbons are ideal for standard printing on paper materials.
* Wax/Resin ribbons provide excellent durability against chemicals on paper and synthetic materials.
* Resin ribbons provide ultimate durability against chemicals and heat on synthetics.

Receipts Paper /POS Roll   

We have a broad selection of thermal materials for printing documents and receipts with your mobile printers and POS(Bill) Printers.

Quick Facts :
* Heat resistant
* Waterproof and tearproof
* Custom pre-printed

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